0.7 million new workbooks added to the system: FBR

The Federal Revenue Board (FBR) has stated that so far, during the current fiscal year, revenue of 579 billion rupees has been collected and 0.7 million taxpayers have been added to the system.

FBR President Shabbar Zaidi briefed Prime Minister Imran Khan about the reforms and the year-long results.

Zaidi told the PM that taxpayers increased from 1514817 in 2017 to 2561099 this year. He said that the collection of internal taxes had increased by 28%.

The Prime Minister obtained information about automatic registration, issuance of tax certificates, tax returns and online audits. Zaidi told the PM that automation aims to avoid corrupt practices.

Zaidi told the Prime Minister that the FBR had set up Sahulat web portal in collaboration with NADRA so that everyone could access information online. He said that the online FBR system would be more efficient.

He said that FBR facilitates the work of entrepreneurs in the country. He said that the Urdu FBR website will be launched soon. He said that customs operations have increased to facilitate trade activities.

Prime Minister Imran said on the occasion that RBA reform and the abolition of corrupt practices had been the main priority of the government.

He said that the tax network will develop when the public trusts the FBR. He stated that this had to be guaranteed to ensure the trust of the business community while registering RBA teams going to the markets.