Ogra reduces RLNG price by USD 0.96 per MMBtu

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) announced Friday the revised prices for regasified liquefied natural gas for SNGPL and CGMS for the current month.

According to the notification, the sale price of the RLNG imported into the Sui Southern Gas Pipelines (SSGC) system for the month of September is reduced by $ 0.96 per million British thermal units for the month of September compared to August 2019.

The new RLNG price for the GCSS system has been set at $ 10.04 per MBtu, or $ 11.01 last month.

Similarly, the sale price of the imported RLNG in the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Company (SNGPL) for the current month decreased by $ 0.93 per mmbtu for the current month compared to the corresponding month.

The new LNG price for the SNGPL system was set at $ 10.07 per MBtu, or $ 11.01 in August.