Private sectors must operate according to rules and regulations: SBP Governor

The Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (RAS), Reza Baqir, said today (7 September) that the stabilization of the country's economy is his top priority and that the private sector must comply with its rules. and regulations.

During his visit to the regional office of the FPCCI in Lahore, he said that the priority of SBP was to stay at the same level as the other banks, without which the development could not be realized. "There were no dollars available to cover the maturity of the bank loan," he added.

Reza Baqir said that many losses are suffered when the money in the Treasury ends. "Our priority is to achieve sustainable growth in the banking sector and the situation is better than six months ago," he added.

He said the reforms had been introduced and the agreement had been signed with the IMF. "The State Bank does not have the solution to all the problems, SMEs being also a priority," he added.