The KSE-100 index continues to move up by 252.43 points.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) posted a positive stance on Friday as the KSE-100 benchmark gained 252.43 points and reached 30,467.20 points.

The KSE 100 index opened at 30,218.36 and gained 302673 points (0.84%) to close at 30,467.20.

On Thursday, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) saw a declining trend, with the KSE 100 closing 29.96 points (0.10%) at 30,214.77 points.

A total of 146,537,210 shares were traded in relation to 128,886,530 shares on the first day, while the shares traded during the day were valued at Rs. 5,106 billion, while on the previous day it was Rs 4,894 billion.

Out of 342 companies, share prices of 122 companies increased, while 202 companies declined, while 18 companies remained stable in today's business.

The top three publicly traded companies were Maple Leaf, with a volume of 17,169,500 euros and a share price of 17 rupees.

73, World Call Telecom with a volume of 12,938,000 and Lotte Chemical with a volume of Rs 0.85 and a price of Rs 10,399,000 and a price of Rs 15.01 per share.

The main winner, Colgate Palm, rose Rs 87.30 per share to end at Rs 1833.46, while Millet Tractors finished second with an increase of Rs 28.49 per share, closing at Rs 693, Rs 61.

5lines 90.25 rupees by Nestle Pakistan with a decrease of Rs 510.ees 5 per share and 1 in Wyeth Pak Limited. 5.7 with a decrease of Rs. 1 per share. rup मुख्य was the main decline with a fall of Rs.